MEGAMEDIA is an exclusive manufacturer of unique, super slim, backlit advertising light boxes SLIMBOARD. They are innovative media intended for exposition of advertising posters.

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Owing to its features, SLIM BOARDS are ideal e.g. for shopping malls and plazas – we are present in more than 100 objects across the country.

Advantages of SLIMBOARD advertising light boxes:

  • eye-catching, modern design
  • very slim – only 4cm thick regardless of format
  • extremely easy to use – owing to the system of fast exchange of graphics, 1 person may change poster without using specialist tools within 20-30 seconds
  • energy-saving – they consume by 80% less energy than the traditional light boxes
  • cheap in current exploitation – due to the above features the cost of daily exploitation of SLIM BOARDS is the lowest on the market
  • practically failure-free – failure indicator for the last 3 years is less than 1%


SLIMBOARDS are manufactured in the following versions:


SLIMBOARDS are applicable as:

  • layouts
  • media / exposition of advertisements
  • navigation
  • menu boards